Story board and Animatic for Fox and Chicken Done!

After a lot of hard work, we have finally finished the Story board for the first animated episode of Fox and Chicken and the Animatic as well.

It took a long time because we had to do 150 panels for the episode, and each panel had around 2 or 3 variants, as we had to consider movement of characters, camera, drawings and so on.

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In the end we had to edit a lot as well, we had to change some drawings and add some others in order to make a clear story about what the episode is about. Remember this is a mute episode so we really needed the story to communicate itself.

After the storyboard was done we proceeded to create the animatic, and for that we had to add gray-scales to the drawings. This took us another month and during the creation of the animatic we had to add many other changes, separate some elements, change camera movements, and even add some sound effects.

After the animatic was done we were able to show it to many kids and adults in events we have done, as we needed to make sure that everybody would understand the story. Luckily for us, even the smaller kids did!

So now we’re 100% sure that the story was well made and now we’re going to continue working on other areas of the project.