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Logos, Marketing Pictures & Videos

You can find all the pictures, logos, videos and more in this Dropbox Link. 


  • Won a $55,000 USD prize in the Pro Animation Pixels Awards.
  • Worked with clients in USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Bosnia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and others.
  • Our illustrations have been featured in web series and TV commercials.
  • Our project “Fox & Chicken” is being sponsored by the international brand “Kores”.
  • Our work has been featured by Cartoon Saloon, 9gag, That Game Company and others.
  • We have been featured artists in Comic-Con for 4 years on a row.
  • We’ve made many workshops in Universities and Art Museums.
  • We’ve worked with the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador.
  • We’ve been invited to schools, universities, illustration festivals, entrepreneurship events and more to give speeches about our work.

Full Bio

Space Rabbit Studios was founded by Doris Meléndez and Néstor Rodriguez in the year 2017 after winning the Pixels Awards Pro Animation Category with our original project “Fox & Chicken” which now has a pilot on development.

Both founders have graduated from Graphic Design and have worked as freelance illustrators for many years. Doris works on her personal brand called “Mellen” and Néstor on his personal brand “Ness”.


Sample Interview Questions

  1. How did Space Rabbit Studios started?
  2. Why do you want to do illustration?
  3. Why do you want to do Fox & Chicken?
  4. How are things in El Salvador for artists?
  5. Why are you aiming internationally?
  6. What are you aiming do do with these projects?
  7. What inspired you to take this path?
  8. What do you expect to achieve with Fox & Chicken?
  9. How do you use the internet in your favor?
  10. What’s next?

Pictures of the Team




Long Form – 

Fox and Chicken is the adventure of 2 characters which in real life are opposites (hunter & prey), but in our story they are best friends learning to live together and accept each others differences as they embark into their life adventure to master the magic of nature. The story is made to teach in each chapter a lesson to the children who watch it.

Both characters will live through many adventures, make new friends and above all, they’ll learn about the world that surrounds them as they learn and find the magic guarded by the elements of nature.

Short Form –

Fox & Chicken – is the adventure of 2 friends to find the magic guarded by the elements of nature.

Product Info

TITLE: Fox & Chicken

AUTHORS: Doris Mélendez & Néstor Rodriguez

PUBLISHER: Space Rabbit Studios

DATE OF PUBLICATION: November 15, 2017

REGISTERED IN: America’s Writers Guild & Canada Writers Guild

EPISODES: 10 mini episodes

Below are a list of Fox & Chicken marketing videos:

  • Fox & Chicken First Demo
  • Fox & Chicken Making Of (Coming Soon)
  • Fox & Chicken Animatic (Coming Soon)
  • Fox & Chiken Pilot Episode (Coming Soon)

Press Release