Kores supports our project Fox and Chicken

Kores is an international brand of school products, however in our country they’re focusing more on selling products for children. They have taken an interest to our project as we’re targeting children as well.

A couple of years ago, we met them during an event called “Fist” (Click here for more info) and they took a liking to our work. Later, on a local Comic Con event, we reached to them and told them about our project Fox and Chicken and they immediately showed interest in supporting our project.

In the last local Comic Con we worked with them to promote their products with our project and we created art that the children could color using Kores products.

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Our project has a lot in common with their vision, as we’re trying to be educative for kids while also promoting the care of the environment. Kores mascot is a beaver, so we have integrated their character in our project as well.